Very cheap eats: Thaila Thai

I’m not sure how Thaila Thai (82 Lygon St, Brunswick East) does it – serve up generous portions of delicious and fresh Thai dishes for such low prices. Yes, there are other Thai restaurants that are just as cheap, however the quality isn’t the same.There’s the standard range of curries, stir fries and salads to choose from, all at around $10 for vegetable or chicken/beef, with seafood a few dollars more.Curries here are drier and less soupy than those at most Thai restaurants, but they’re still rich with coconut flavour. The meat is good quality – in the case of the chicken, it actually seems to be breast meat. Another difference is that the vegetables are a lot crisper, as the curries are cooked quickly in very hot woks, which also impart a nice ‘bbq-ey’ flavour to the meat.It’s a similar story with the stir fries, which are available with a number of ‘flavourings’ such as as chilli & basil and satay. The serving sizes of the stir fries are particularly generous, and come with a lot of vegetables.The satays are recommended, although they’re deep fried, and the salads are a great palate cleanser. As with a lot of Asian cuisine, it’s best suited to sharing multiple dishes.Unless you’ve got a very large appetite you shouldn’t require more than 1 dish per person, meaning, with rice, you shouldn’t need to spend more than $13 – $14 each. The fact that it’s BYO makes it even more affordable. Take away is also available, although the serving are smaller.

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