Very cheap eats: Love Pho? Head to Swan St

If you are hanging around Swan St but can’t be bothered to leg-it all the way to Victoria Street then Love Pho ( 181 Swan St, Richmond) is the one for you.

Its Pho isn’t the cheapest in town but at $9 is pretty good value and you get the benefit of a brightly coloured lime green contemporary interior. It’s sort of like being in the Pho24 chain in Ho Chi Minh (or Singapore nowadays) without the chain bit.Today’s steamy facial of soup contained beef balls. Yes they were ball-shaped but too small to be the full bollock.

The usual sides of herbs, chilli and some brown sauce come along to.It is a challenge to eat the wholegiant bowl. I emerge fresh and damp-faced, full and triumphant ready to defend my corner of the world.It’s difficult to find bad Pho in Melbourne and there is great debate about where and which is the best. St Albans vs Footscray. Victoria St vs the CBD.

All I can say it that Love Pho, coincidentally a sponsor of the Love Pho exhibition, is a welcome addition to Swan St.

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