Very cheap eats: Coyote Cafe

There are plenty of cuisines that generally represent good value in Australia – Thai, Indian, Cantonese. Mexican isn’t one of them. Coyote Cafe (414 Nicholson St, North Fitzroy) is a happy exception to the rule, at least as far as take away is concerned. Like most Mexican restaurants here, the food is actually more Tex-Mex, but it’s good.The burritos and enchilada dinners are both excellent, and cost only $9.60 and $7.50 respectively. In the case of burritos, the beef & japapeno is the best bet, with nicely shredded meat and delicious flavours. The honey chipotle chicken burrito is less successful. A couple of vegetable-based burrito options are also available.As alluded to above, it’s really take away that represents the best value. Prices when you eat in are considerably higher.

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