Very cheap eats: Camy Shanghai Dumpling Restaurant

There is some mathematical rule which controls all transactions at Camy Shanghai, and it is this: no matter what you order, no matter how many people you dine with, your total bill will be between six and seven dollars a head.*Camy’s makes many dishes, but I can speak of almost none of them with authority. This is because we always order the same things (which may, of course, be a variable in the mathematical rule mentioned above). Fried pork dumplings. Pork mini buns. Mushroom and vegetable dumplings (occasionally swapped out with ‘plate of greens with oyster sauce’). Fried pork dumplings do just what it says on the label – they’re fried and they’re pork and they’re damn delicious. Pork mini buns are steamed, packed with ginger and contain a vindictively hot liquid of unknown origin which will scald the hell out of your mouth if you’re not careful. Mushroom and vegetable dumplings may be vegetarian. Don’t quote me on that. Either way, they are delicious and appear to contain actual vegetables.Many people will tell you you’re taking your life in your hands by eating at Camy’s. Turn up at a busy time, send your food back if it’s not hot and I reckon you’re at no more risk than you would be at a Mumbai McDonalds outlet. Anyway, risk is all part of the fun.Details:Camy Shanghai Dumpling Restaurant23-25 Tattersalls La (btw Lonsdale & Little Bourke), MelbournePh: 9663 8555 (not sure what you’d use this for…)

*unless you drink something other than free tea. If you have a beer you could pay up to TWELVE DOLLARS a head